URC Preschool and Nursery has a spacious indoor setting as well as a large garden and outdoor area which allows the children to choose from a wide variety of  different play areas and resources throughout their session.  

At URC Preschool and Nursery it is important to us that we work together with parents and carers to make the most of your children's time with us. All children are allocated a dedicated member of staff, your key person, who takes care of their development and well being. In addition, all our staff are involved in your child's care and we are available to speak with you and discuss your child's care, development and needs.

Rainbow Room - a caring and stimulating setting for two year olds to play and build their independence.

Main Room -  a large area for two-five year olds to explore and learn through creative play.

Red Group Nursery Room -  an engaging and inspiring room for rising four year olds which provides an excellent foundation for preparing children for school.

Interactive garden - our garden is equip with artificial grass for daily outdoor fun, play and games - rain or shine!